Resource Planning

Bridging the gap between project planning and resource planning is a daily challenge for professional services firms. You can't just 'throw bodies' at the project. You need to understand the skills required, the internal and external resource needs, the project budget, time frames, and available capacity. And you need to have this insight across multiple projects in various stages at any given time. Only with this information and visibility can you make the right decisions to maximize profitability and utilization while delivering on schedule.

Deltek understands the balancing act required for effective resource planning and how time intensive it can be. Our resource planning solution is specifically designed to help professional services firms create accurate, achievable plans quickly. Optimize resources and pipeline capacity and save time in the process.

With Deltek's resource planning software professional services firms can:

Maximize Profitability:

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into employee availability to ensure resources are allocated effectively
  • Ensure estimated fees are accurate
  • Correlate actual costs with project plans for accurate rolling forecasts and make adjustments as needed

Optimize Utilization:

  • Spot under-utilization and over-utilization in time to act
  • Leverage core competencies and assign tasks based on individual expertise and skill sets
  • Increase average billing percentage per employee

Deliver on Schedule:

  • Cross-reference resource scheduling with availability to deliver projects on time
  • Accurately track project progress based on real-time data and future plans
  • Increase the amount of time spent on analysis and management to enhance overall project success