Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting Project Software & Management tools

Environmental consulting firms are driven to help create a sound environment for our future. Yet today’s stiffer regulations, green initiatives, rising costs and the drive for continuous innovation place significant pressure on all projects. To deliver the mission-critical processes behind these complex projects, you need solutions that improve project visibility, inform decision making and increase profitability.

For decades, Deltek has worked with project-oriented firms in energy services (ESCOs), field service, the seismic business, green energy/manufacturing and management of radioactive waste. Based on deep expertise and close collaboration, we’ve developed enterprise software and information solutions that help you gain better visibility into project status by site, activity, crew, geologist/engineer or customer; avoid one off spreadsheets and workarounds; keep projects on or under budget and avoid the typical overruns; and reduce the cost of compliance by ensuring you pass any DOE, EPA or DoD audit while minimizing manual processes.

Based on our experience with environment consulting firms, Deltek brings knowledge & insight to tailor our offerings for your particular way of doing business with solutions that span Customer Relationship Management; Business Performance Management; Financial Management; Human Capital Management; Resource Planning; Project Management and Business Intelligence.

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