Business Performance Management

Business Performance Management Solutions

Do you have accurate information at your fingertips so you can make sure your business is headed in the right direction? For government contractors this can be especially daunting given the complexity of managing and organizing vast volumes of mission-critical, project-related data. For sophisticated, project-driven organizations like yours, easy access to actionable insight that can help you drive your business forward is critical.

Working with thousands of government contractors, Deltek has gained a deep understanding of your challenges. Our business performance management solutions help you synthesize data from multiple sources and across the organization so you can make smarter, faster information-based decisions.

From upper management to project management and accounting, role-based dashboards help you set more informed objectives and manage and report on the critical aspects of your business, while also meeting the unique demands associated with serving the federal market.

Deltek's business performance management solutions provide government contractors with:

Accurate Insight:

  • Obtain a complete view of all project-related activities across the business
  • Ensure the right people see the right information
  • Centralize key performance indicators for fast business decisions

Timely Management and Reporting:

  • Create reports quickly and easily without IT assistance
  • Receive alerts to potential issues and take corrective action before they turn into major challenges
  • Track and align day-to-day operations with overall business strategy

Better Planning:

  • Improve decision making with top-down and bottom-up forecasting
  • Be prepared for any event by creating, comparing, and evaluating what-if scenarios
  • Avoid returning project dollars back to the government