BD, Capture Mgmt & Teaming

Business Development, Capture Management & Teaming Solutions

As a government contractor, competition to win new business is fierce and fast-paced. You need to leverage the best teaming opportunities, draw on the latest market intelligence information, efficiently navigate through complex proposal processes and put together a winning bid that maximizes profitability — even in the face of razor thin margins.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your BD, capture management and teaming efforts were integrated into one unified process—where you could get all the terms and conditions of a contract instantly, had pipeline views all in one place, and could quickly and cost-effectively forge the right relationships?

Business Development and Capture Management

With Deltek’s Capture Management and Teaming Solutions, your business development efforts will be faster and more efficient than ever before. The end result? Higher win rates, more lucrative contracts and growth for your business.

Built specifically for government contractors, Deltek Capture Management Solutions help government contractors of any size:

  • Streamline business development efforts
  • Gain a better understanding of their sales pipeline
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Find teaming partners
  • Accelerate the bid and proposal process
  • Understand contract details
  • Turn opportunities into awards

This integrated suite of business development solutions enables you to make smart, information-based decisions, ensuring you’re able to win the most lucrative contracts in the marketplace today. With thousands of government contractors using our business development software to improve performance, increase win rates and reduce risk, it’s time for you to start turning more contacts into contracts.


Deltek's teaming solutions combine networking capabilities, software applications and unique industry content to help contractors streamline the teaming process and win more business. But Deltek’s teaming solutions do more than that; they also empower government contractors to build key relationships, maximize utilization and gain valuable insight into industry drivers.

Deltek's teaming solutions allow government contractors to quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Find the right teaming partners, subcontractors and staff
  • Find and post opportunities through an online member network
  • View partner qualification and past performance
  • Collaborate online in private teaming areas
  • Manage large opportunities with best-in-breed teams
  • Make faster and more informed bid/no-bid decisions
  • Increase pipeline and improve your win rate

Don’t let the prospect of identifying and reaching out to the best potential partners become overwhelming. With Deltek’s teaming solutions, you can connect with the right partners, discover and share opportunities and collaborate for higher win rates and success.