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Project-based ERP – The Right Fit for You

Let’s be clear: Nothing about implementing or using ERP software is easy. Especially in the beginning. Yep, an ERP vendor is admitting that enterprise software solutions can be complicated. Now let’s not forget that enterprise resource planning is a vital component of any successful company’s growth plan, but ERP is a term that has been known to strike fear into the hearts of many executives. Basically, ERP software has gotten a bad rap, and rightly so. You can blame “Generic ERP” for that.

We’re here to tell you that alternatives exist. That there really ARE enterprise resource planning systems that were built with your business in mind. From the ground up. Tailored to how you do business. ERP systems that aren’t generic, that don’t force you to adhere to ITS structure and processes, that weren’t designed to “fit” 30 verticals markets. We call it purpose-built, project-based ERP. And we want you to know all about it.

Deltek was founded 30 years ago with a different vision in mind: to build an project ERP system – and related modules – designed for project-based companies. Companies that get paid to deliver external projects for their customers. Companies such as government contractors, architecture and engineering firms, and professional services firms. Companies that are on the forefront of the rapidly growing knowledge economy where people, information, ideas, and intellectual property win the day.

The day’s of generic enterprise software solutions are over. The days of purpose-built, project-based ERP are here. We invite you to spend time on our website learning about project-based enterprise resource planning, and how it can be used to unlock your potential as an organization. Consider this website your portal to a better world!

Do you do business with the Federal Government? Check out our complete offering for government contractors.

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