Touch CRM for Vision

Add contacts, update opportunities and manage activities on the road with Touch CRM

Business development is rarely a desk job, so your business development team needs tools to make their jobs easier on the road.

With Deltek Touch CRM for Vision, you can access key information for business development including clients, contacts, opportunities and activities.

Coming back from being out of the office and sorting through notes and business cards can be a challenge. With Touch CRM, you can add clients and contacts on the go, update opportunities from anywhere and manage activities anytime – all from your mobile device.

Deltek Touch CRM for Vision allows you to:

  • Look up contact info. Find a contact’s phone number, send a lead a follow-up email or get directions to a meeting with your mobile device.
  • Update opportunity detail. No more waiting until you are back in the office to capture important opportunity details. Enter new opportunities or update existing ones wherever you are.
  • Review upcoming tasks. Have some business development tasks you need to finish? Update your to dos and meetings wherever, whenever on your mobile app.
  • Easily install and deploy on iOS, Andriod and Windows mobile devices. Install directly from the Apple App Store, Google Play store or Windows App Store. Organization’s instance of Vision must be accessible via the Internet and Touch Server must be installed.

The power of Deltek Vision CRM in the palm of your hand makes it easier to do business wherever the opportunity leads you. No more waiting for access to a Wi-Fi connection or a laptop. Now, teams can leverage CRM with the touch a finger.

It’s not just CRM. Learn how to enter time and expenses from anywhere at any time through Touch Time & Expense.

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