Deltek Time & Expense

Manage Labor and Project Costs Easier with Deltek

Deltek Time & Expense is a suite of web-based applications designed specifically for sophisticated, project-oriented businesses. Deltek's timekeeping software helps organizations automate the collection, validation, approval, and processing of labor and expense with DCAA audit requirements in mind. Additionally, users can take advantage of extensibility and web services to create personalized user interfaces. As a result, businesses can dramatically lower transactional processing costs and increase employee productivity. With complete visibility into timesheet transactions and expense reports, plus audit trails, Deltek Time and Expense helps government contractors comply with government regulations. Deltek Time and Expense provides project-based businesses with both the control and flexibility needed to reduce timesheet and expense errors.

With Deltek Time & Expense, you can:

Deltek Time & Expense is an integrated suite of Web based applications, which include:

Deltek Time Collection
Deltek Time Collection offers capabilities that reduce payroll and billing processing costs, improve managerial decision making, reduce employee administrative time and help organizations comply with government regulations. Administrators have added control over timesheet corrections and revision submissions, providing them with increased visibility into employee activities.

Deltek Expense
Deltek Expense offers capabilities that reduce expense report processing costs, reduce fraudulent charges, reduce receipt management costs, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), improve managerial decision making, reduce employee administrative time, and help organizations comply with government regulations. End users can attach document to expense reports before they are submitted, making it easier and more efficient to submit expense reports.

Mobile Capabilities
Deltek Time & Expense is 100% accessible from any mobile device leveraging HTML5. The screen automatically adjusts to the device’s layout, resulting in more end users having mobile access to submit their time and expenses anytime, anywhere. This leads to higher productivity and agility across the workforce, while reducing costs to an organization’s IT department by eliminating overhead and maintenance.

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