Deltek Touch for Maconomy

Time-&-expense management for anyone “on-the-go”

Go Mobile! With Deltek Touch for Maconomy, Deltek Maconomy clients of every size and type can easily input time, make quick approvals, and even record or authorize expenses– no matter where they are, from practically any type of Android or iOS device. Now you can bring to your mobile device the same timesheet visibility and expense control you have in Deltek Maconomy today:

  • Record Time. Say goodbye to long delays that lead to forgetting what you worked on, or how long it took. Now everyone can input time immediately from a mobile device, without waiting to “log in” to the company network.
  • Manage Expenses. Don’t worry about losing receipts or forgetting expenses. Billable and non-billable expenses can be inputted immediately, along with images of the receipts.
  • Make Approvals. Eliminate long periods between time entry and time approval. Now managers have on-the-go visibility to approve time almost the instant it’s entered– and approve vendors and invoices, too.

It’s So Easy. From your device, find the most current Deltek Touch for Maconomy version right in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Your organization’s Deltek Maconomy application must be Internet accessible – and have the Touch Server installed. (It’s quick & easy – especially with help from Deltek’s Services team.)

Freely Available. With no additional license cost, why not bring Deltek Touch for Maconomy to your organization? Say hello to the faster cash flow you’ll enjoy when those approved, billable hours get invoiced even quicker – so your firm can get paid sooner. Turn to Deltek Touch for Maconomy – and start working with the touch a finger.

Touch Time for Deltek Maconomy 
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