Deltek Maconomy

Business Performance Management

Better Decisions Through Trusted and Timely Information

Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management is a business intelligence solution that provides current, reliable business data that's available to users when and how they want it — bringing knowledge & insight to decision-makers at all levels.

Unlike complicated analytical tools or rigidly predefined reports, Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management unifies information into an engaging user experience that's powerful yet easy — transforming all users into informed decision-makers.


Deltek Maconomy Dashboards monitor the status of relevant and meaningful key performance measurements for an individual, group or department. Highly visual snapshots displayed in charts and graphs make information easy to interpret, so status is immediately clear. Users gain foresight to quickly & easily correct slight project delays or address unplanned expenses — long before these become issues that require harsh reactions. Preconfigured dashboards can be deployed immediately, or easily modified to meet the diverse needs of users across departments or locations, at all levels of the organization.


For professional services organizations that encompass a high number of users or a large amount of reports, Deltek Maconomy Reporting brings responsive performance, best-practice reports, and exceptional flexibility. Reports are synchronized with live data so they are always current and accurate.

More than 100 predefined report templates answer commonly-asked, repeatable questions that are unique to professional services organizations. Report templates are easily personalized by editing queries or by adjusting the layout or design — leading to a nearly limitless number of customized reports tailored to your business.

Ad-Hoc Analysis

Deltek Maconomy Analysis is a structured view of accurate data that provides insight into your business' performance. Heavy-use business analysts and non-technical occasional users gain a flexible, intuitive interface to easily answer their ad-hoc queries, eliminating the burden that repeated detailed reporting requests place on IT or Finance.

Users can easily establish complex queries to join information into nearly any context, along dimensions such as client, business unit, or project — providing infinite ways to view data and pinpoint answers to any business performance question.

Key Capabilities

  • Collaborative Decision-Making. Users can collaborate while they view shared information. Threaded discussions help users share their insights & conclusions, bringing increased confidence in the decisions made with the information.
  • Multilingual Information Access. You can share crucial decision-support information across your services organization, accessible to users in their native language.
  • Integration to Microsoft Office™, Portals & Mobile Devices. Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management supports multiple information-delivery options and integration points. Users can access and synchronize data from corporate and personal sources and deliver it using Microsoft Office applications, internal portals like Microsoft SharePoint™, and mobile devices.
  • Secure & Cost-Effective Platform. Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management delivers a single point of security and administration for all users. The solution deploys quickly, and reduces internal maintenance by streamlining control of each user's security profile and data-access rights.
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