Opportunity Manager

Drive speed, efficiency and control in your task order response process

The business development process used to capture traditional contracts doesn’t work in the world of task orders: The proposal response demands of task order opportunities are too compressed. Time and efficiency are crucial elements when you have just days to make critical bid/no-bid decisions, select teaming partners and submit winning proposals on multi-million dollar task order opportunities. In order to meet these response times, processes need to be automated and efficient, and tools need to be well aligned to support rapid bid/no-bid decision making. Differentiate yourself from the competition with GovWin Opportunity Manager. GovWin Opportunity Manager provides the solution companies need to get a competitive edge in competing for rapid-response task order opportunities and build a winning and repeatable process.


  • Make faster, better bid/no bid decision
  • Streamline internal and external task order and teaming processes
  • Centralize contract vehicle access for sales and business development staff
  • Establish competitive advantage and increase revenue on your task order-based contracts
  • Reduce administrative staff time and costs in managing, and assessing task order opportunities
  • Identify future opportunities by mining previous task order notices that may be recompeted
  • Reduce or avoid missed opportunities and lost revenue due to error-prone manual processes


  • Automate the monitoring, distribution and management of task order opportunities
  • Custom dashboards for opportunities, matches and engagement
  • Collaborate with team members in a secure and centralized opportunity management portal
  • Powerful analytics to assess engagement rates and easily perform real-time bid/no-bid analysis
  • Streamline your partner engagement process and gain visibility into partner engagement
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