Opportunity Assessment
GovWin Opportunity Assessment

Need Help with Bid/No-bid Decisions?

GovWin Opportunity Assessment (GovWin OA) is an analytical, web-based tool that standardizes the opportunity evaluation process through a series of weighted capture questions. Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to reduce costs, focus resources and ultimately increase your probability of win by taking the subjectivity out of bid/no bid decisions.

GovWin OA enables you to:

  • Quickly appraise an opportunity using the Qualifying Assessment – a short, 9 question self-rated survey – to help you immediately narrow down a long list of potential opportunities
  • Evaluate your opportunities and generate the probability of win (Pwin) through a comprehensive 80-question survey, called Capture Assessment, to help determine areas of strength and weakness, and help streamline the bid/no-bid decision process
  • Move opportunities through business development stages by providing recommendations for improving probability of win through the Action Planning Report
  • Make better use of limited bid & proposal dollars and focus resources on the opportunities that matter


  • Generates a green/yellow/red assessment score bar along with a probability of win
  • Provides two Assessment Types for analyzing opportunities:
    • Qualifying Assessment
    • Capture Assessment
      • Best Value
      • Lowest Price Technically Acceptable
  • Includes several reports which can be used for various pursuit reviews and bid/no-bid meetings

 Download the Datasheet