Deltek CRM

Customer Relationship Management Software for Project-Based Businesses

Deltek CRM

Organize, Track, and Pursue Project-Based Opportunities

Say goodbye to binders, excel spreadsheets and generic CRM solutions. Deltek CRM, the project-based CRM solution built for professional service firms who manage large projects and government contractors who pursue public sector business is the easy to use system your team will love.

No more trying to manage your long opportunity process in a manual system or a CRM solution built for transactional based business - Deltek CRM manages project based opportunities storing the information organizations need to track from day one. Once you see it you’ll ask yourself how you ran your business without it.

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So What Makes Us Different?

Project-based, Not Transaction Based

Say goodbye to the days of trying to customize a CRM system to work around your opportunity and to systems that just manage contacts and accounts. Deltek CRM is opportunity centric and is a central repository for all the reams of information and continual collaboration you need to manage a project based opportunity.

In Sync With the Project-based Opportunities Process

Deltek CRM allows for easy and continued collaboration with your proposal team, your subcontractors, and your internal teams. Continually connected to the dozens of people you work with and always up to date on the latest activities, documents and milestones needed to be managed to win an opportunity.

Minutes to Learn, Not Months

Deltek CRM adapts to your process, not the other way around. Your team will get started quickly and stay focused on selling, not learning a new tool.


  • Opportunity Management in one central place so your pursuit process is organized and efficient.
  • Collaboration on the opportunity pursuit and proposal creation with internal teams and external teams like subcontractors, teaming partners and proposal teams.
  • Account/Agency and Contact Management which centers on your opportunities.
  • Easy Activity/Customer Touch point Tracking so your business development team can get information into Deltek CRM quickly.
  • Browser Agnostic, Tablet Compatible so you can access opportunity information anytime, anywhere.
  • Slick interface which means it’s easy to use and your business development team will want to use it.
  • Deltek GovWin IQ integration so if you chase government opportunities, you can import information right from Deltek GovWin IQ into Deltek CRM, decreasing manual entry and helping manage opportunity information in one place.



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