Project Manufacturing

Comprehensive Manufacturing Capabilities
Purpose-built for Project-based Companies

With industry leading software for manufacturing execution and quality, shop floor time, bar coding and more, Deltek links shop floor activities with financial management, accounting, and project management at the most detailed levels available. The software provides instructions for complex product assembly or maintenance, repair, and overhaul. It also collects important information, such as start and stop times for each operation, and quality inspection results. All of the project status and cost information are automatically fed from the shop floor into the ERP environment. This combination provides a significant competitive advantage in the build to order, engineer to order, and MRO fields. Firms that develop and maintain complex product offerings will benefit from improved compliance, efficiency, quality, and visibility.

Unlike product offerings from generic ERP vendors, the Costpoint product family addresses the unique regulatory and operational needs of project-based firms. Time, materials, and shop floor activities are tracked at the most detailed levels. Deltek automatically applies the invoicing, accounting, and procurement rules to each transaction, based on its associated project. Companies can produce, in a matter of minutes or hours, the invoices, project status reports, procurement requests, and consolidated financial statements that it would take weeks or months to produce using more traditional approaches. These invoices and financial statements are completely auditable, from the summary level all the way down to the individual transactions. Everything is accounted for correctly, the first time around.

Deltek's Project Manufacturing Suite offers solutions for:

Key Benefits of the Deltek Project Manufacturing Suite Include:

Deltek’s project manufacturing software was developed with strict government compliance and audit requirements in mind. This software suite provides complete traceability for each product and assembly, from the time that the parts first enter the facility to the time that the completed products are shipped. Deltek project manufacturing software captures the start and stop times for each activity, the names of the employees that worked on each assembly, the parts used (down to the serial and lot numbers), the inspection results, the corrective actions applied, and much more.

Deltek project manufacturing software also provides all of the time and material information to the Costpoint Financial module, which meets detailed government contracting accounting requirements associated with FAR, DFAR, DCAA, and DCMA. The Costpoint Financial module automatically accounts for all direct, indirect, allowable, and unallowable costs, on a project by project basis, using detailed and standardized project costing rules.

Deltek project manufacturing software supports LEAN manufacturing objectives and best practices. The software replaces spreadsheets, custom software programs, and paper based manuals with online, up to date engineering plans, diagrams, and instructions. This provides a significant improvement in shop floor productivity and quality, because workers have the most recent, most up to date specifications. It also enables those workers to more effectively capture information, as they complete and inspect each assembly on the shop floor.

This approach provides managers with a better understanding of project statuses, and engineers with a better understanding of the time, material, and processes applied, the defects found, and the corrective actions taken for each assembly produced. Managers and executives can learn where waste, rework, inefficiency, and delays occur. They can then employ and enforce better production processes and approaches throughout the project life-cycle, thereby improving efficiency.

Deltek project manufacturing software supports important quality programs such as Six Sigma and ISO9000. The software supports quality checks, instructions, and logging of inspection results, and automatically alerts personnel when tolerances are exceeded. It also supports liens and holds of non-conforming parts and assemblies, as well as the tracking of the corrective actions that have been applied.

Deltek project manufacturing software tracks all of the As-Built and As-Maintained history information for each product and sub-component, including the engineering plans and revision numbers. This enables managers to determine which assemblies are impacted by a given issue or condition. Engineers can update product specifications and instructions in order to remedy the situation, and to reduce the likelihood of future occurrences.

By identifying quality issues sooner, and by enforcing standardized approaches and processes, Deltek project manufacturing reduces scrap and rework, and supports a much higher quality standard.

Deltek project manufacturing software provides a complete, up to the minute understanding of project costs and status, based on the activities completed and underway on the manufacturing floor. Managers and executives have visibility into the time and materials expended, the defects found, the corrective actions taken, and the likely time to completion for all shop floor work.

Deltek project manufacturing software tracks the required activities for each manufacturing project. Shop floor workers can track activity statuses in real time, and can also capture important information, such as inspection results. Managers and executives can then understand project statuses as well as likely times to completion based on the activities completed and remaining, instead of the relative dollar amounts budgeted and expended. This approach provides a far greater level of accuracy and visibility than paper, MS Excel, and custom software systems that most organizations have today.