Deltek Costpoint Analytics

Business Intelligence Designed Specifically for Government Contractors

Costpoint Analytics offers Government Contractors role-based analytical dashboards to answer important business questions and make smarter, more information-based decisions. It places the end user in total control and provides instant access to critical metrics in just a few clicks, with minimal training required. Costpoint Analytics is delivered out of the box with key dashboards so important to a Government Contractor today: Revenue, Profit, Labor Utilization, Projects at Risk and our newest dashboards for A/R and Days Sales Outstanding.

Understand your business in brand new ways by consolidating relevant data from multiple sources into a single application. Explore key relationships in your data while facilitating secure, real-time collaboration. Visualize data with engaging, state-of-the-art graphics. Search across all data and interact with dynamic dashboards and analytics from the convenience of your iPad.

With Costpoint Analytics, business users can:

  • Uncover hidden trends and make discoveries that drive innovative decisions
  • Answer questions and pursue insights on your own or collaboratively — on the fly, on the road
  • Search across all your data to get the big picture – just type any word or phrase, in any order, into the search box for instant results that let you see new connections and relationships across your data
  • Benefit from self-service Business Intelligence with no need to go back to IT or business analysts for new queries or reports
  • Analyze data from Costpoint and other data sources

Get Instant, Actionable Information:

  • Fast Implementation – days, not weeks
  • Zero Wait Analysis – Users can simply ask questions of their data and receive answers as they need them, on their own, without waiting weeks for a new report to be built
  • Rapid data loads – millions of records can be loaded in minutes

All the Power & All the Features, Anywhere, Anytime

With our new mobile analytics capabilities, you get a complete Business Discovery experience – including interactive analysis, rich visualization, and associative search. Costpoint Analytics provides you with a purpose-built application you can interact with to make smarter, faster decisions wherever you are, 24x7. It’s also enterprise-proven, with browser-based client technology and server-side security and manageability.

Make Better Decisions with Social Business Discovery:

  • Every Business User – Business users from all groups, teams and departments can use Costpoint Analytics to collaborate on data, analysis and decisions
  • Interactive Apps – Enables business users to explore relevant data without limits
  • Real-Time Decisions – Groups of business users can engage in live "co-browsing" sessions with current data
  • Ongoing Exchanges – Bookmarks and in-app notes let users discuss and debate decisions over time

Also available – Deltek Capture Analytics: Role Based Analytics Applications for Government Contractors.

Capture Analytics allows you to take advantage of all the great features and functionalities in Costpoint Analytics but is purpose built for your Business Development organization. Capture Analytics allows instant access to view the current pipeline by stage, and drill down to the opportunity details. You’ll enjoy new insight into your historical pipeline, allowing users to look back at how opportunities have progressed over time. Evaluate your business development success by reviewing your bid, win and no bid rates.

Deltek Costpoint Analytics

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